Cthulhu opened his eyes, staring into the empty ocean. A disturbance had interfered with his continuing slumber, and he shifted his gaze upward, to the surface. An unexplainable surge of magical power came over him, and he could see the fabric of space and time laying before him just as an artisan cloth would. Cthulhu observed the patterns of reality, and his tentacled face displayed unmatched anger. He struck a webbed finger into one portion, and it resisted tearing as flesh would, but he pressed once more and it burst. Cthulhu felt the world shudder, and the rush of power ended. As it faded from his vision, he saw the hole he created begin to patch itself, although the pattern had changed. Cthulhu let out a satisfied jolt and then returned to his dormant state.

The Court of Admins had been purged.

Only the two strongest remained.

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