Khalael Khalael 15 January 2012

Site Maintenance and Sorting out the Canon

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Khalael Khalael 5 January 2012

Our Glorious Return

Minions! Your masters are back!

FIrst of all... let me inform you of a couple of changes...

  1. Totalimmortal has had to relinquish his old account (due to someone else obtaining his email address :/). Therefore, he has now created a new account. Your Divine Liege.
  2. I'll be less active from next Saturday till Friday... then I will be more active after then as I'll have a lot... and I mean A LOT of free time on my hands.
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Khalael Khalael 27 December 2011

Inactivity of Your Masters

Well, in the absence of Total, I'll be calling the shots until he comes back. However, I myself will also be more inactive over the next couple of weeks as well.


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Khalael Khalael 5 December 2011

More Members!

We now have ten, yes, TEN members on the site now! The Totalawesomeland shall increase it's domain further!

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