Trollkicker is a longsword wielded by The Total Immortal. Its blade is made of solidified winning, and was tempered in a mixture of dragon blood, LSD, and unicorn spit. Its edge is so sharp it is capable of of falling into the ground if dropped. Its hilt is adorned with rubies and has a pommel shaped like a mighty boot, so that any who may see it know that trolls will be kicked.

The ForgingEdit

The forging of Trollkicker was no simple feat. First, pure win had to be solidified to form the blade. This was done by sending Bear Grylls into the den of a chimera and rip out the beasts heart with his teeth, then heating the heart until it melted. The melted heart was swallowed, and then forcibly expelled through use of the gag reflex. This mixture of Bear Grylls and chimera heart was then kept in a bottle and aged for ten years. The concoction was mixed with the essence of loss (which is incredibly easy to find), purifying it. The result was essence of win.

Still, it had yet to be solidified, as it was in a semi-gaseous state. The essence was taken to the frozen land of Frosthelm, and placed in the crystal caves. It sat there until a crystal dragon noticed it, and, instantly knowing its purpose, crystalized it.

The hilt took great skill to make.

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