You're probably thinking, "What's this? There's rules?? WTF!!". The answer is yes. There are rules. Not many, but they do exist, and they are most definitely enforced.

1) The Court of Admins Reigns Supreme

Here in Totalawesomeland, the Court of Admins holds all power. While this may seem unfair, TOO BAD. Its part of the essence of the wiki. Within the Court, Totalimmortal/WyldStallyn holds supreme power, followed by Cal_XD. Yet to be elected are the Knights, which are close behind Cal's rank. After the Knights we have the Squires. The Squires hold more power than most, and are yet to be decided.

2) Total's Word is Canon

While Totalawesomeland is a mostly laid-back place, it lacks established canon. To compensate for this, the word of The Total Immortal is accepted as canon. Because "Non-Canon-Friendly" is extremely rare, disagreeable articles can be deemed bullshit. Bullshit is the equivalent of NCF, albeit requiring less reason.

3) No Nudity

Just no.

4) Only Moderate Trolling is Allowed

If trolling goes too far, The Total Immortal will not hesitate to use Trollkicker.

5) Fairness is Overrated

This wiki is ridiculous. That has been its purpose since its creation. Fairness from the admins will not always happen. While the Court will attempt to maintain justice, occasionally we may make a decision that is just flat-out unfair. NO, we won't ban you for the lolz, or delete your article because we feel like it.

This rule allows admins to ignore the rules for the most part. However, if Total directly tells an admin (that includes you Cal!) that something must be changed, it must be changed. Not that I ever see that becoming an issue :P

6) The Court Can't be Defeated

Nothing is more powerful than the Court of Admins. NOTHING. Except maybe The Total Immortal, should he decided to go rogue.

7) What Happens in Chat STAYS in Chat

Don't bring on stupid crap because something went down in chat and it didn't appeal to you. However there is a need for some ground rules.

  1. No porn links
  2. No sob-story depressing garbage
  3. No complaining about what someone did on the wiki, we have talk pages for that
  4. No super-trolling
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