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This is one of the only serious pages on this wiki. The only reason it is here is because it would be irrelevant anywhere else. Down through the years, I've noticed that there is a formula for determining the successfulness of articles. This formula requires the use of many other formulas, which will also be noted below.

The Formula[]

It is rather simple.


What? That makes no sense you say? FALSE! It makes total sense! Each variable is equal to the rating of an aspect of the quality of the article. The variables represent as follows:

B: successfulness. This is what is determined through the use of the formula, and is therefore solved for last.

I: potential.

T: article length.

C: article quality

H: article organization

Solving for "h"[]

"h" is a whole number that is ≤4. It is easiest to determine, as organization is largely visual, save for certain templates. To solve for "h", rate the organization on a scale of 1-100, then divide by 25, then round to the nearest whole number. For demonstration purposes, I shall use my "Jericho Terrius" article as an example.

Organization is good, but not the best. I'd give it an 80.

80÷25= 3.2

3.2 ≈ 3


See? Simple.

Solving for "T"[]

"t" is a fraction, either ½, ¼, or ⅔. This one is deceptive. Sometimes an article has a lot of pictures, so it may seem long but its really not.

Really you have to have a good eye for gauging this value, if its long, it scores ⅔, if its short, ¼. ½ is in between.

Jericho is still kinda long, even with the removal of his story. For the purposes of this demonstration, I will allow the story to be added to the article length.

I'll give Jericho ⅔.


Solving for "C"[]

Fuck this, I'll get back to it later.