Well, the activation of Chat on Warhammer 40k and Totalawesomeland has cause a few memes to develop. We felt they should be labled here.

General MemesEdit

Genesis 19Edit

One of the most awesome parts of the Bible. Frequently citied by Cal XD and Totalimmortal/WyldStallyn. Usually quoted when something extremely immoral but totally amazing happens.

TAL MemesEdit


Pulling a Total; when you make a new account because of issues with the last one.


Changing your User Avatar to purposefully confuse n00bs.


Going RAGE at comments. Or just rage.


Going all RAGE, and being derpy at the same time. Or just derpy.

40k MemesEdit


TGB, short for Thegreatbeing was a Trolling user who created a lot of Non-Canon Friendly articles. Thus, a TGB is generally slang for either a ridiculously canon breaking page or for being a Troll. See more: Canon Breaker


Joining Chat then leaving seconds later. Sometimes it is accompanied with a small message. This can occur for two different reasons or for no reason at all:

  1. Internet connection fails.
  2. To check out who is on Chat.


Having been on Chat for a while you suddenly leave, only to rejoin seconds later. This happens for a variety of reasons:

  1. Internet connection fails (most common).
  2. For dramatic effect/To make a point.
  3. For teh lulz


The LBH is a Troll employed by a variety of users. Cal XD was the first to use this when he was discussing revenge strategies. Both Totalimmortal and TardirProductions have made use of it since then. It has been noticed that it annoys the user Vivaporius the most.

Grapefruit SpoonEdit

A revenge strategy first suggested by Totalimmortal. It was implied that it should disembowel the victim.

Rusty SpoonEdit

After thinking up Grapefruit Spoon, Total then had to find something more painful and disturbing. Thus the Rusty Grapefruit Spoon (known simply as Rusty Spoon) was suggested. This has come to mean a nasty means of torture or just used to Troll.


Cal XD managed to fail to realise that when Total said grapefruit he was meaning the spoon, and so began to think of Grapefruits in a more sick way. Since then it has become an inneundo of sorts. And this innuendo is used often. VERY often.


A buzzword for something that cannot be beaten no matter what. Usually it will be an empire, or a large organization. Many will call it NCF.

Also called a "Xai'athi".

Forever Alone BinadamuEdit

If you upload any NCF pics, they are replaced with this one. That is all you need to know.
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