Sword of Mars

The Sword of Mars

The Mighty weapon of Legionarius XXII, the Sword of Mars was crafted when Legionarius poured Epic and Win into a mold on mars and hurled it into the Sun. Even though Mars was melted and merged with the sun and the sword, the Blade is incredibly strong and burns with the heath of a thousand suns.


Once, Legionarius stood infront of a challenge. To best Chuck Norris in an armed battle. The first time, Legionarius lost, his armor shattered under Chuck Norris's fists. Then came Morgan Freeman with his infinite wisdom and told him the secret to defeating Norris.

Having been granted some of Morgan's Epic Win, Legionarius travesed the distance between Earth and Mars and on it, in the core of the world, he crafted the blade. When the Epic Win had finaly liquified, he poured it into a mold and with his immense psychic powers he hurled Mars into the Sun. The heath burned the liquid solid, which was unheard of before, and Mars was absorbed into the Blade. As Legionarius took it from the burning sun, he felt the power of existance course through it. Clearly this was a weapon worthy of a god.

After a battle the nearly saw the end of Earth, Legionarius emerged victorious, and while Chuck Norris had survived, he had surrendered and fled through sorcery. So came the birth of the Sword of Mars to be created.


The Sword of Mars is a longsword that burns with the intensity of the sun that gave it birth. It is an amazing weapon to behold, not for its beauty like the Adminblade, but for the fact that it shines with light that banishes all fear.



As all weapons made from Win, the Sword of Mars cannot be destroyed by natural means


It shines like a beacon of hope for the people of Earth.


The light brings courage to all allies, for they know that nothing can stand before the fury of the Sun.


So hot it burns the things it connects with, should the wielder wish it. Only items created of Win can survive being struck by it.


It seems like it is very easy to write down the exploits of this sword for some reason.

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