Morgroth and Rogroth are a pair of warriors in service to Syrath, both argue and fight but are inseparable and have gained much favour with Syrath and are part of Da GriefKommando organization. While they appear to be a Blue Jay Bird and a Raccoon both have mastered the ability to shape shift and mimic their foes with deadly and utterly evil accuracy leading to many small kingdoms downfalls however their constant arguing, in-ability to keep concentration on a certain task and being incredibly easy to distract by learning pointless skills has stopped them from ever properly infiltrating The Court of Admins.

Morgroth and Rogroth


Shape shifters




Sorcery, transformation, fighting skills, mastering pointless tasks

Part of

Da GriefKommando


Staffs, Blades, Guns


Armored Horses, Dragons, Dark Creatures




Born in service to the Dark Lord Syrath Morgorth and Rogroth were trained as members of the Da GriefKommando and quickly entered the organization by mistake, and after losing command of Syrath's Rabble and the battle due to needless arguing where brought before Syrath to answer for their actions however Syrath was utterly amazed by the abilities of the two beings to transform into other beings and quickly forgave the two for their actions. Syrath had the two prepare for several missions and tasks. They quickly began to move into multiple kingdoms and declear war on each other allowing Syrath's armies to quickly sweep in and take over.

The two set to work, reading themselves for multiple targets they moved into many a kingdom, causing trouble and shenanigans with their antics and evil actions, sending armies to war and leaving the lands of once proud peoples barren and broken. But within a few the months the two had begun a competitive string of games involving war and trading disputes, which annoyed Syrath severally however left the two to stir up more trouble in politics while he dealt with more pressing matters which involved Imposter and his own forces marching on his fortress, the two continued and soon had left their target kingdoms bankrupt, starving and pissed off. However Imposter101, pissed off decided to reveal the pair and allowed and raging kingdoms to chase them out, though they would return, they'd be cautious and wary off the danger of 5000 angry people.


"I'm Older!"
—Morgroth and Rogroth bickering, their like bloody five year olds
"Only by one year!"

Morgroth and Rogroth can both Shapeshift into other beings, making them supreme infiltrators and spies and have also been trained as field commanders and in the art of dark magic using it to cloud and confuse those suspicions of their actions and wrong doings. Both have some skill in riding a steed, basic sword fighting and dark magic, however both are highly competitive and are easily thrown off their main task by simple distractions or by attempts to master pointless skills or tasks such as computer games or staring contests.

"Run away!"
—The pair being cowards
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