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  • I've gotten back into being productive (again), and I've come up with a basic outline for the plot of Planet of the Restless Dead. We can make more chapters if needed, since they're pretty short. Makes sense, considering that in comics the plot in each issue is tiny... so tiny.... Anyway, here it is:

    Chapter One

    Chapter one about Terrius chasing down a space hulk giving off some unknown radiation (I'm going to be a RTD bitch and not expand on that), then finding the planet. I think I named it something like Astos VI originally, but whatever. He sees the two artificial moons and basically gets an inquisitor boner, so he prepares to go check it out.

    Since it's lacking in actual substance, this chapter will probably end up being dialogue/character driven.

    Chapter Two

    Whatever you want Drasus's reason for getting involved to be. He shows up moments after Terrius, pretty much says "the fuck are you doing here", then they have some dialogue that ends with them agreeing on contacting the planetary governor. Or something. Anything that makes them realize that the planet is dead. Then they nut up and head down to check things out.

    Chapter Three

    The two inquisitors head down alone (intimate (; ~~) and are shocked to see dead bodies everywhere. Not just of civilians, but tyranids and space marines (RC if Tardir still lets us xD) as well. They walk around, basically so that we can describe the setting more. Drasus tells Terrius not to wander off, which he does anyway. Inside a nearby building, Terrius finds a mutilated little girl and pukes.

    At this point the Sarcosan Wave Generator activates. They both hear the moans of the generator. I'm assuming that as a member of the Ordo Hereticus Drasus has at least some knowledge of what that is, and pieces together that the moons are in fact Wave Enhancers. He starts looking for Jericho.

    The dead little girl gets up in front of Terrius, who starts freaking out. He pulls out his bolt pistol but can't bring himself to shoot her. He lets Terribus take over, and Drasus comes in just as he shoots the girl. Drasus briefly explains what the shit is going on, and tells Jericho that they have to leave before all of the corpses are reanimated. Drasus makes some sort of "Get ready, shit's about to get real" comment.

    The chapter ends with the two inquisitors exiting the building to find themselves surrounded. Terribus makes a "Shit already got real" comment.

    Chapter Four

    The chapter opens with Terribus trying to contact his ship. They are both inside the building with crates or some shit blocking the doorway. Drasus determines that the strange Wave Enhancer-moons must be blocking any signal from leaving the atmosphere. The two discuss their options, and agree that they can either wait inside the building until contact is somehow made, or they can fight their way out.

    [insert zombie fighting scene here]

    Terribus takes a RC bite to the knee, but he's inquisitor so he has legit first-aid with him. Still, he walks with a limp for the rest of the story. One of them notices for the first time that the ground is vibrating/shaking/trembling, whatever. Drasus believes that the Wave Generator must be relatively near. Terrius forces his way into control, since he's ok with leaving. Drasus mans up, saying it's his responsibility as a member of the Ordo Hereticus to stop this heretical machine. Or something like that. Terrius reluctantly agrees to help him destroy the Wave Generator.

    And at this point I'm too tired to finish writing out the outline in a legible fashion. Hopefully you can see what I mean when I'm saying "Terribus says 'Shit already got real' ". I'll finish this up in the morning, yeah? Yeah.

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    • I feel we should like, make a start or something.

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