Nazgul sized




Elite guard of Syrath



Common Tactics

Pike and Spear charges

Known for

heavy armour, fearlessness, utter devotion to Syrath

Home or HQ

Fortress of Syrath

GriefKommando, translated into awesome sauce language means 'They who serve Awesomeness'. GriefKommando are so awesome, their name can destroy armies. Nothing is known about them, only their name because they are super-secret awesome cool dudes, who have brofisted Space God several times. They guard Syrath the Immortal and wear the armour of Sue.

Orginization Edit

GriefKommando units became commonly sited after the construction of Syrath's fortress and city, raiding Totalawesomeland and regularly deciding the Cour of Admins where Corrupt abusers of their power they decided that they would destroy everything they had created. Most Griefkommando carry swords and blades while others make use of magic and sorcery in most situations.


Syrath allows only those devoted enough too him and his cause a place in the Griefkommando, highly trained and well equipped the Griefkommando spend days in meditation and study of battle tactics and warfare, differing highly from Syrath's main armies and forces preferring to lead not be lead. Most Griefkommando will die in battle, their devotion almost limitless.

Diffirence with the Armies of Syrath Edit

The Griefkommando and Armies of Syrath may serve Syrath but differ heavily, the Armies of Syrath and sheer rabbles and lack real coordination and serve in fear and seek power from Syrath, while Syrath's Griefkommando serve through sheer devotion and are highly trained. Both armies rarely respect each other and have mixed views though Syrath's Rabbles generally bow down to lord Syrath's favored servants.


The GriefKommando use a varity of Warmachines for their battles, catapults and Mortars along with tanks and armoured craft to besiege forts and bases. With the greatest of Syrath's technology in their hands they are able to take on every foe that dare oppose them, many heads of defeated enemies and such decorate their banners and totems as they ride to battle in armored columns terrifying and scaring anything before them. The Panzer Mark 18 is their most common tank choice on the field of battle, providing the GriefKommando with substantial armoured columns and armoured support while Anti-Air walker vehicles stand tall over the ranks of knights and soilders.

Magic Edit

The GriefKommando utilise magic to a high extent, many of their members being Sorcerers and Wizards utilising the sorcerery used by Syrath their leader and lord. Most of their magic is highly devastating and spreading utter terror amougst the enemies forces.

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