The Court of Admins are the supreme rulers of the Totalawesomeland Wiki. Chief amongst them is the one you call "My Liege" who enforces the rules with an iron fist

Commander Supreme

The Founder and Leader of the Court.


Ruler of the Totalawesomeland, he carries the legendary bladeTrollkicker.

Blood Knight

The Blood Knight is the Permanent Administrator of the Court.


Loyal servant of Totalimmortal and wielder of the The Regulator.


Currently serving as our Temporary Administrator of the Court

Jackal Hyena

Servant of the Court, who is completely loyal. He wields no weapon. For he is the Weapon.


The menial servants of the Court, who have been granted a small amount of power. Ultimately though, they are lackeys.


Servant of the entire Court. Is yet to be issued with a weapon.


The former Admin has regained his position as a member of the Court. He weilds the Modaxe.

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