A finely crafted sword of pure Win. It is currently wielded by High Prince Cal, and used to smite all those who dare assualt the Totalawesomeland.


The origins of the Adminblade lie deep in the past. What is known is that a Meteor made of an unknown substance crashed onto the Totalawesomeland many years ago. This rare material was found by a Caveman and brought to his Immortal master. It was then forged in an Awesome Furnace, with the heat provided by a burning tin of Spam, so that it was infused with the power to eradicate it. The blade was then cooled with the blood taken from a sacrificed Troll, so that it could be used to banish them, before being allowed to solidify into pure win. It was then blessed by the entire Court of Admins, as is the tradition, before being gifted to the warrior known as Cal.


The Adminblade is a large rapier, weilded by Cal like a pirate sword. It has many sacred runes inscribed upon it, including the arcane renditions of the symbols of an "X" and a "D". It is a breathtaking weapon to behold and has many intricate gold details that have been inlaid into the hilt.



Like all weapons made from Win, the Adminblade cannot be broken through natural means. On top of this, as an item blessed by The Total Immortal, it cannot be destroyed through any means.


Astonishingly the Adminblade actually exists in every universe in which it is required, simultaneously. It gained this interesting attribute when Cal first wielded the weapon as the blade became aligned with it's new master.


The blade is capable of slicing through all forms of natural materials. It can also slice through weapons made from Win, although it cannot damage a handful of materials such as the famed Trollkicker.

Sacred BlessingsEdit

As a weapon blessed with the Runes of "X" and "D", the Adminblade is imbued with many mysterious powers. It can banish Trolls and remove Spam. It is also capable of raising and relegating the privelages of other members of the Court of Admins, and is immune to the effects of all of their weapons (and so the myths say, even the legendary Trollkicker).

Tied to the OwnerEdit

The Adminblade cannot be used by any being other than Cal, unless it has been formally gifted. The Total Immortal is the only other sentient to have ever used it. Adminblade also causes enemies of the Court of Admins to be deleted from existence if they try to take possession of the weapon.

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